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“Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the imagination.”

— Oscar Wilde

You certainly wont be short of conversation looking out onto the bustling streets, in the heart of the Liberties. One thing Dublin isn’t short of is coffeshops, but Legit definitely stands out among the rest. This hidden gem is a wonderful place to go for brunch. Not only for you and your date, but also dogs are welcome too.

You can never overdress, although you’re better off keeping it casual. There’s no need for a reservation. Brunch is served until 3:00 but, you’re best off arriving around noon to avoid the lunch-time rush. After you both fuss over what to get and who pays, put the swords away, and relax in the window armchairs. You won’t even have to wait ten minutes for something memorable to happen along the characteristic Meath St.

Why not indulge yourselves into sharing one of the irresistible desserts, freshly made in store. That is if the mouth watering brunch hasn’t filled you already. If all goes well and neither of you have plans afterwards, go for a stroll around the ‘Liberties Market’ right next to the coffeshop.

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