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Date Spot of the Week

Date Spot of the Week



“The very essence of romance is uncertainty.”

Oscar Wilde

If all goes well and luck is in your favour, you won’t be uncertain to select a few winners on the night. Dust off the blazer and make a dinner reservation for the two of you, on a night that has live races. Keep an eye on the upcoming events page to see which nights there are live racing.. https://datingdublin.xyz/events/

They have a range of restaurant packages on offer to suit all budgets, so you can tailor a date night to suit you. Where you can enjoy all the excitement of the night from the comfort of your table. You’ll have a great view of the track no matter where you sit. Although I’d highly recommend you try reserve a table as close to the window as possible to get the best view.

The evening usually kicks off at around 7:00. When you arrive you’ll both be shown to your table. All the hard work is done for you, so sit back, relax and enjoy as the greyhounds strut around the track before a night of their own. All you have to worry about is which dog to bet on for each race. Which will be taken by the friendly welcoming table service. Whom will also take your drink orders, so you won’t have to lift a finger.

You’ll soon find out if your date is the competitive type, when you both experience the highs and lows of gambling together. Why not make the stakes a little more interesting and bet against each other, with your own personal wagers. Fingers crossed by the final race, the competitiveness between you and your date won’t have come between either of you. If it’s a nice evening out and you don’t want it to end just yet, go for a saunter through grand canal docks, brightly lit square. The perfect location at night for a romantic picture or even to steal a kiss.

Website: https://www.igb.ie/park-offers/shelbourne-park-greyhound-stadium/#offers

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