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Date Spot of the Week

Date Spot of the Week


“Without art, the cruedness of reality would make the world unbearable”.
George Bernard Shaw


Escape reality together in the long lost art of retro arcades. There is also a bar and restaurant inside too. So if you’re thinking of grabbing a bite to eat from their delicious high-end fast food styled menu before you enjoy the arcade, I’d recommend you make a reservation. There’s a wide range of vegan options too if you’re date, god forbid, is a going through a vegan phase.

This date spot is a guilty pleasure of nerdy nostalgic paradise. There’s plenty of two player games for you both to get competitive with. Including Mario Kart and Tekken which can get pretty heated. If it goes to a tie breaker, jump on the oldschool dance machine to settle the score.

There’s plenty of options for what to do afterwards in Smithfield. There’s the Dice Bar just 58 meters away if you want to go for a drink or else the Lighthouse Cinema just around the corner in Smithfield Sq.

Website: TOKEN

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