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3 Fun Places for a Date

3 Fun Places for a Date


Recommended Attire: Smart/Casual.

Reservation Required: No.

What you can do beforehand: Get some dutch courage into you upstairs in the River Bar.

Best Time To Go: Friday / Saturday.

Best Seat in the House: Stand to the side so you might have more room.

Do’s/Don’ts: Don’t wear heavy clothes, you’ll sweat a fair bit.

Top Tips: Don’t eat to soon before hand or else you’ll get a stitch.

Where you can go afterwards: Upstairs to River Bar or Cassidy’s (Westmoreland St.)

•Website: Latin Fever


Recommended Attire: Your sexiest swimwear.

Reservation Required: No.

What you can do beforehand: Warn the girl you’re taking her there, so she doesn’t cake herself in makeup.

Best Time To Go: Early in the day.

Best Seat in the House: In the water.

Do’s/Don’ts: Bring some warm clothes for afterwards.

Top Tips: Stroll along the coastline.

Where you can go afterwards: Pop into Hatch Coffee to warm up afterwards.


Recommended Attire: Smart/Casual.

Reservation Required: Yes.

What you can do beforehand: Grab a drink in a nearby pub like River Bar / Lanigans (nextdoor).

Best Time To Go: Thusday/Friday/Saturday.

Best Seat in the House: Anywhere bu the front row.

Do’s/Don’ts: Don’t heckle the comedians, they’ll make you look like a fooll infront of your date.

Top Tips: Get 2 rounds at a time so you don’t have to keep standing up during performances.

Where you can go afterwards: Stroll along the boardwalk beside the liffey.

•Website: Laughter Lounge

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