Micheal J. Banks

Forgetful Daters

Forgetful Daters


Some people tend to be quite forgetful when it comes to dating. Whether it’s a special occasion, like an anniversary or a first date, you may have forgotten that you have even made plans with that particular person.

Until you get that last minute text to make you panic.. “are we still on for tonight ?”..or.. you show up to your date and they ask you “so what have you got planned?”

Just play it cool, as if you have it all under control. Run into the nearest bathroom (after excusing yourself) and download the OPEN TABLE app. Here you will be able to make a last minute reservation for food/drinks any time of the day. This will save you the embarrassment of showing up to a restaurant/bar and for them to say “sorry we’re fully booked for the evening” ..or.. “it’ll just be a 45 minute wait if that’s ok?”. Your date won’t be too impressed. Open Table has a wide range of bars and restaurants across Dublin to tickle your taste spuds and impress your date.

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