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Date Spot of the Week

Date Spot of the Week

Screening: DIRTY DANCING @ Stella Theatre

“No good deed goes unpunished”
– Oscar Wilde

You certainly won’t be punished for bringing your significant other to see the ultimate date movie. Dirty Dancing is an absolute classic when it comes to romantic movies. It will be screening this Sunday @ 12:30pm in the Stella Theatre.

You’ll both find it impossible not to fall for this unique cinematic experience. From the moment you walk into the lobby you’ll feel like you’ve been teleported back to the roaring 1920’s, so don’t be afraid to dress up for the occasion. You can never be overdressed.

I’d highly recommend you book the couch for two. Make the most of the experience, so you can cosy up beside each other. Spoil yourselves while you wait in the lobby to the selection of their delicious cocktail menu. If you’re feeling peckish why not order from their tapas-style food menu, to be served during the film.

Make sure you don’t throw your back out or fling your date into the Liffey (“by accident”), when she begs you to do ‘the lift’, after one to many cocktails. Let’s be honest lads, we don’t stand a chance against Patrick Swayze.


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