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Date Spot of the Week

Date Spot of the Week

The Nightmare Realm

“No one but a woman can help a man when he is in trouble of the heart.”
– Bram Stoker (Dracula)

Although there’s no helping the faint hearted when they enter The Nightmare Realm. This terrifying ‘walk-through’ Halloween event casts you into the lead role of your very own horror experience. Those brave enough to venture along to this years new event “Witches Children”, are advised to keep their wits about them. As it’s the most disturbing yet. .

You’ll be able to get the absolute shite scared out of you until the 3rd of November. I’d also highly recommend you book in advance and bring a spare pair of knickers with you. If its early days in your relationship and you’ve been putting on the macho ‘hard man’ facade in front of your partner, then good luck to you trying to keep a brave face. Danger lurks in every shadow. You’ve been warned!

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