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Date Spot of the Week

Date Spot of the Week


“You don’t stop laughing when you grow old. You grow old when you stop laughing.”
– George Bernard Shaw

Neither of you will be able to stop laughing, when you find out who the scaredy cat in the relationship is, on the stomach turning rides in Funderland. It opens 12pm-10pm until the 13th of January, so make sure you visit before it’s too late. The price to enter is €3 each if you don’t fancy forking out on the full price for the unlimited rides ticket.

I’d highly suggest you go after 6:00pm, the lights look much better lit at night. Although I’d highly recommend you both wrap up in the winter gear, as it gets fairly chilly as the evening progresses. The best ride to steal a kiss is definitely the Ferris wheel. It’s absolutely freezing when it rotates to the top, so use that as an excuse to throw the arm around your date and make your move.

More Info: Funderland

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