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Date Spot of the Week: Yamamori

Date Spot of the Week: Yamamori

“You should never be ashamed to admit you have been wrong. It only proves you are wiser today than yesterday”
— Jonathan Swift

Recently, I visited Yamamori on the North side in the heart of Dublin, over looking the Ha’penny Bridge. I took my limited pallet out of its comfort zone and had sushi for the first time. Jesus, Mary and Joe Duffy, it was quality ! If you’re like me and are new to sushi I’d highly recomend starting off with one of these.

8 pieces each doesn’t seem like a lot but let it sit for a minute and you’ll feel fairly full. Then wash it all down with one of their teas to help digestion.

The restaurant is located in two stunning georgian houses and boasts original features which fit well into the modern Japanese theme. In this stunning restaurant they display some beautiful 19th Century Japanese artwork and also have some original samurai artifacts.

The restaurant is perfect for all occasions and parties no matter how big or small. Tempura, sushi, Japanese grill & ramen are prepared fresh daily. For more info: Tap Here.


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