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How to Maximise the Potential of your Online Dating Profile

How to Maximise the Potential of your Online Dating Profile

“The very essence of romance is uncertainty.”
– Oscar Wilde

Unfortunately, in this case, we have to undo what we have been taught as children and judge a book by its cover. There are 2 ways you can achieve the maximum potential of your profile.. Great pictures & a good bio.



For a lot of us it’s a struggle to scrape together a few decent pictures of ourselves that are relatively recent. A lot of people only have pictures from drunken nights out and old pictures of yourself from Santa Ponsa when you were in the best shape of your life. It’s not the best possible way to present yourself. To some, you may come across as a raging alcoholic with only group pictures. Which leaves the swiper preying that you’re the best looking one in your pictures. Even though you may be an intelligent, kind, sexy and sophisticated individual. Don’t worry, I have a solution for you.


Lisa Chonier provides a service that helps you portray yourself in the best possible way, your very own personal professional photoshoot. She will meet with you and learn more about you over a coffee. Depending on your personality and what you want to share, you’ll both agree on a place together. The package she offers includes a photo session of 30 minutes and you will receive 20 edited photographs of yourself for you to use on your profile. Here’s more of her work:


(2) BIO

Don’t try too hard, half of the time people won’t even read it. Although a bad bio could be the fatal decision for someone swiping right on you. Keep it simple and witty if you can. For example;
– If you beat me to the first text coffee/drinks are on me.
– Please send your cv with a cover letter to @(insert Instagram) if you wish to fill the position of my girlfriend/boyfriend.
– I gag on my toothbrush so don’t get too excited.
– I’m on Tinder to make friends the same way I’m on p*rnhub to see the plumber fix the sink.
Avoid getting too personal and giving away too much information in your bio. Leave a bit of mystery and opportunity for your match to ask about you. But more importantly, just don’t do this…

Or this..

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