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Romantic Dinner At Home

Romantic Dinner At Home

”My nose itched, and I knew I should drink wine or kiss a fool.”
– Jonathan Swift

The only way to keep it romantic at home is to create an ambience and a scenario. Tell your loved one that you’re going to cook them a lovely romantic dinner. For the scenario, set a time to meet at your place, tell them to dress to impress, as sexy as they like as if you were taking them out to a fancy restaurant for dinner. Lads dust off your suit or at least put on a shirt and tie. Ladies just wear whatever you feel and look sexy in. To create the perfect ambience there are several factors to take into consideration, it’s all about the senses. Sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch:


The first thing they will see upon arrival is your attire. Make sure you’re dressed up enough to show them you’ve made an effort and are trying to impress them. Secondly (for the lads), be an old school romantic and have a bouquet of flowers ready to pull out from behind your back when she steps in. If, like most Irish people, she has hayfever be thoughtful and get her some hypoallergenic flowers (which are flowers that have a low pollen count which will be less likely to trigger their hayfever). Such as carnations, daffodils, hyacinth, hydrangeas, orchids, peonies, roses, and snapdragons. Thirdly, the presentation of the room. Have a trail of rose petals running towards the dining table, and even carrying them on to the bedroom if you’re feeling confident. Dim the lights (not too dim that you’ll be falling over yourselves and unable to see your food). Light a few candles (just the right amount that it’s not a total fire hazard and you won’t burn the house down). Set the table as if you were dining at the Shelbourne (go the extra mile and break out the origami with the serviettes like a swan or whatever you can manage). Do your best with the presentation of the food with enough colour on the plate to make it look Instagrammable.


Have a playlist lined up for the evening so you don’t have to worry about it at all, some smooth jazz or whatever you think will best set the mood for your partner. Make sure it’s already playing for when they arrive, just at the right volume so they notice it but not too loud that you won’t have to shout to hear each other. Remember you’re attempting to woo them, not overwhelm them. Make sure they hear you compliment them first thing when they arrive to show you’re appreciation that they’ve made an effort to look their best for you. Something a little more Shakespearian than “Jayziz ye look bleedin’ gorgeous”.


The first smell should be the flowers. The second should be your perfume/aftershave. The third should be the smell of the food wafting around the house. And the final smell can be a subtly scented candle somewhere in the room that doesn’t overshadow the smell of the food, but just freshens up the room a little.


Get a nice bottle of wine that will compliment the flavour of the food and offer them a glass upon arrival to sip on just in case the food isn’t ready yet. Do your best not to poison them and cook up a storm with either you’re own specialty or whatever their favourite meal is, if you know it (which you should). Stick to just a main and a dessert. If you’re a shite cook get someone to sneakily help you or order in and make it look like you made it yourself. For dessert, go for something simple and sexy like strawberries dipped in chocolate with some whipped cream on the side. After dessert, you could settle into the living room and whip them up their favourite cocktail. Make sure you give it a quick practice beforehand so you don’t make a complete fool of yourself while they watch you perform your mixology skills.


Give them an embracing hug and kiss when they arrive. Take them by the hand and lead them into the dining room to show off all your hard work (try to make it seem like it was effortless and not a hassle). After dessert, bring your cocktails or glasses of wine into the living room to get cosy on the couch to continue the sparkling conversation and sophisticated flirting. Leave the telly off and focus on each other for entertainment and intimacy.

If they don’t appreciate all the effort you’ve gone through for them well then you can show them where the door is. Good luck!

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