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Date Spot of the Week: The Martello

Date Spot of the Week: The Martello

“Life is a long preparation for something that never happens.”

— W.B. Yeats

With the absolute depressing state that the country is in at the moment, we have no idea how to prepare ourselves for what could happen. Although, what you definitely should do while you still can, is to get yourselves down to The Martello.

Pop out to Bray for a day date, make a reservation, go for a stroll up Bray Head to build up your appetite, and get yourselves back down to The Martello for a feast and a few drinks.

Great Atmosphere, Good food, and Friendly Staff that look like they’ve been taken straight off a runway just to serve you. So be careful not to have a wandering eye while you’re on a date. Koo Burgers, and much more. Why not call down and pay them a visit.

AND.. Best of all.. They’re DOG friendly.

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