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HOW WE MET #2: Summer Romance

HOW WE MET #2: Summer Romance

We arranged to meet on Dawson Street for our first date. I was sweating bullets from the nerves and the scorching Summer sun. A crowd of people across the road at the luas stop parted like the red sea, and there she was..! My jaw dropped and my eyebrows nearly shot up off my head. I swear to god, time stood still and she just floated in slow motion towards me.

It could have been the sun reflecting off of her golden blonde her, but no word of a lie, this girl had a halo above her head. She was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I gave her a whopper hug just to feel if she was real and not a mirage. You never know I could’ve gotten heatstroke from the tropical 17-degree heat. Thanks be to Jayziz, she was actually real!

We sat outside the Bestseller Café and got chatting over a coffee. She laid down the law, told me she was only temporarily in Ireland working as an au pair and would be going back home at the end of the Summer.

So I tried my best to be all smooth and cheesy and say to her, “Ah sure that’s grand, we’ll make the most of it, but you have to promise me one thing..” “And what’s that ?” she replies. “You have to promise not to fall in love with me before you leave”, I says to her with a smirk. She just laughed and we left to do something a little more exciting.

I took her to On The Ball for a drink and a few games of pool, and air hockey. Now I tend to get pretty competitive, but I was amazed when she got just as competitive as me. I decided that we should make things a little more interesting with a wager. If I won, I got a kiss and if she won, she could have whatever she wanted. Of course, I won. There wasn’t a hope in hell I was going to go easy on her. So I got my kiss and I immediately fell for her.

We spent an unforgettable Summer together. You could bottle up that girl and sell her as medicine. It felt like the closest thing you could get to Danny & Sandy’s Summer romance in the movie Grease. Hopefully we’ll meet again one day.

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