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Long-distance Relationship Advice & Date Ideas

Long-distance Relationship Advice & Date Ideas

I’d say it must be absolute torture for long-distance relationships and couples forced apart because of the restrictions, not knowing when you’ll be able to see each other again. If you are willing to stick it out and make things work through this difficult time, then I’m sure it’ll make yous stronger than ever. Although it can get fairly boring and tedious to keep things exciting, here are a few videocall date ideas to ‘Rekindle The Romance’;

Romantic Dinner

Go all out on this one. Get suited ‘n’ booted or throw on your favourite dress. Arrange to have dinner in the evening at the same time (8:00pm). Set the table, dim the lights, light a candle, and crack open a bottle of wine. Place your phone on the table at distance to show all the effort you’ve gone to for them. Clink your wine glasses off the camera for cheers, woo them with sparkling and witty conversation and have a laugh.

Movie & Munch

Get your cosy clothes on, load of munch at the ready, and video call rolling. Decide what movie yous want to watch ‘together’ and press play at the same time. Do your best not to fall asleep or else you’ll probably get an ear-full when you wake up.

Coffee & Stroll

Pop the headphones on and video call your significant other. Wrap up and head for a stroll down to your local coffee shop. Grab a coffee and just stroll around chatting to them as if they were with you. Even turn the camera around and give them a the grand tour of your town.

Sexy Video Call

Fingers crossed that you’re both being faithful and not getting the ride off of someone else. If that’s the case then you’ll both be absolutely dying for it. So other than a bit of lonely D.I.Y. this is your best option to keep the sparks flying. Of course only do what you’re comfortable with but push the boundaries and be adventurous with each other. One of you should get a sexy playlist going, throw on some lingerie or whatever gets your partner going and just go wild! Make sure you have the place to yourself or have the music blaring loud enough just in case you can’t control yourself and start whaling like a banshee.

Besides little date ideas like these to keep things exciting, there are a couple of ways to keep things running smoothly. I’d suggest don’t talk every day or text constantly, you need to allow time to miss each other. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Our lives are fairly mundane at the moment so there’s no need for hourly/dairly updates because there’s f*ck all going on anyway. Spread out your conversations so you have more to talk about and can have a proper catch-up chat.

You could surprise them by having a little gift or a bouquet of flowers delivered to their house. Not for any special occasion or anything, just because it’s a Tuesday and you love them. They’ll really appreciate it and you’ll make their day.

Finally, I know it’s tricky to do now with all the uncertainty, but plan for the future. Have little things to look forward to to keep yous motivated and in shape. Such as, a trip down the country or a dinner date in a restaurant yous have always wanted to go to. If yous can make it through this poxy year together then nothing will ever stop yous!

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