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10 Safe Dating Tips For The Ladies

10 Safe Dating Tips For The Ladies

You can never be too safe when dating with Tinder etc.. There’s a fair few psychos and simpletons out there. Most of time it works out grand or you just have a disappointing date. Although, if you’re anxious about getting back into the dating game, after the long lockdown, or its just leading up to another first date there’s several ways to make sure you’ve a better chance of having a safe and stress free date.

1. Background Search

Get your mate that thinks she should be in the FBI with her private investigator skills and look up your potential date’s online presence. Google them, check their Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn; whatever you can find. You’ll be able to get a better understanding of what they’re like. Trust your instinct. If there’s a lot of red flags, catfish vibes, or Ted Bundy traits, just have the decency to let them know you’re not interested. Nobody likes being ghosted. Or last resort if you have any mutual friends, ask the mutual friend on the sly what they’re like.

2. 5 Minute Phone-call

Have a quick 5 minute phone call with your potential date to suss out what they’re like. You’ll find out a hell of a lot more about a person over a 5 minute call rather than days of texting. Straight away you’ll know if there’s any sort of chemistry, similarity’s in sense of humour and if you actually get on. For those of you that aren’t a fan of phone calls; get over yourself and just do it. It’s a win win situation regardless. You could save yourself an entire evening of disappointment of a shite date if he turns out to be not for you.

3. Let Someone Know

Let at least one of your mates or family know that you’re going on a date with WHO, WHEN, & WHERE. Just if, worst case scenario something bad was to happen.

4. Meet in a Public Place

Especially if it’s a first date, meet in a public place in case they turn out to be dangerous. That way they’ll be less likely to try to do anything bad to you, you’ll have witnesses, and hopefully someone nearby will help if anything does go wrong.

5. Coffee Date

The beauty of a coffee date is that it doesn’t have to go on for an entire evening like dinner or drinks. If you’re not interested or don’t feel safe you can just leave after you’ve both had your coffee.

6. Share Live Location

If you want to be extra safe, after you’ve told your friend or family member that you’re going on a date. Share your live location with them through Whatsapp or whatever while you’re on the date. That way they can keep an eye on where you are just incase you suddenly go somewhere where you weren’t supposed to be. Worst case scenario they’ll have your last location for the Gardaí if you go missing.

7. Always Be Comfortable

Only do what you’re comfortable with. Whether it’s an activity, random location or sexual act. Don’t ever feel pressured into doing something just because they’re persuasive, good looking or you’re afraid they won’t like you if you won’t do it. Always respect yourself. If they don’t agree or have the same view on what you’re comfortable with, well then end it right there. There are plenty of genuine lovely lads out there that will understand you.

8. Exit Strategy

If you’re not interested then just be honest and let them know and leave. If you don’t feel safe, have a friend or family member ready to give you the ’emergency call’ whenever you ‘send the text’. If you feel at risk get a friend to pick you up or get a safe taxi home.

9. Self Defense

Hopefully you’ll never have to use it or come across a scumbag that’ll put his hands on you, but its better to learn and know some basic self defense in case you were to end up in a situation like this. Join some sort of MMA club and if there ever comes a day that you have to use it, he’ll be taking a detour home through Tallaght A&E and will regret the day he ever messed with you.

10. Be Brutally Honest

Don’t be overly harsh or mean, but be honest with the lad if he mistreats you or you’re not interested in him. There’s no point wasting both of your time there by leading him on. Most lads would rather be told straight out early on that it’s not going to work, he’ll get over it.

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