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Are you looking to rekindle the romance in the bedroom ?

Are you looking to rekindle the romance in the bedroom ?

Well in that case, I have just the thing for you: Mojo Upgrade. It was created by a couple aiming to help other couples enrich their lives through new experiences… in bed.

The quiz is designed to help you – as a couple – communicate better about your intimate fantasies. MojoUpgrade spares you the fear of embarrassment by ensuring that it’ll only show you the questions where you both have indicated a willingness, not those where one or both of you said “no”.

How the MojoUpgrade quiz works:

  1. First, you are asked a series of fantasies where you’ll indicate their willingness to do them.
  2. After indicating your willingness, it will then ask you to rank a few of the questions in order of interest.
  3. It will ask your partner to do the same.
  4. Once both partners are finished, it will show both of you where you both said “yes”. If one or both of you said “no”, it won’t show that question.
  5. It will also rank your responses based on how you both ranked them.

More Info:

Now you might be wondering, what happens if I, or my partner, answer ‘yes’ to everything? Couldn’t I cheat and find out all of the things my partner is interested in? The creators see the quiz as a way of building trust and increasing intimacy in a relationship. We will say that yes, that would happen; however, the problem is not with the quiz…


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